September 17th, 2003

Wow, a real update to the Chevelle section? Well, not too real... We're in the process of moving, and it was time to move the Chevelle, so I figured I'd take some pictures. It was interesting seeing the car from angles other than the ones available from it sitting in my driveway for the last two years. I kind of liked it... I forgot to bring the camera for the loading process, but for the unloading I was able to run inside and grab it. Of course I requested a flat bed...

There is a very neat little cubby hole in the back of the garage that fits the Chevelle perfectly, so this is where it will live for some time...

Now that it actually lives indoors, I may find some time here and there to work at some things on it. One hopes, anyway. After moving it, I noticed a gas smell... not regular gas, though... that's probably because the gas in the tank is over 2 years old, and has probably started breaking down. I checked the fuel cell for leaks, and checked the whole fuel line and underneith the car and I see nothing... so hopefully the smell will go away soon, because the garage kind of stinks right now.

February, 25th 2003

Unfortunately, the Chevelle section won't be updated much at all. The engine basically needs a rebuild and this is on the back-burner. Right now just about all there is are some pictures in the gallery.

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