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Last Updates: June 25th, 2007 (R1)

I keep doing writeups about various adventures in the cars or bike, so I figured it was about time I just built a page so all those random pages could be centralized. I figured now would be a good time to do so, since the track season is just about ready to kick off, and I'll be doing write ups for every event I go to. This is a convenient way to share the information. I also have this silly idea that if I have a webpage to update then perhaps I'll go on more adventures... maybe even acquire more toys? We'll see... :-)

Hopefully the pages are pretty straight forward. Other than the latest page, the running log reads like a chronological story, with the oldest information on the top of the lowest numbered page. The latest log (i.e. the highest numbered page) has the latest news on the top. This makes reading just the latest news easier. The Sub-Pages are a list of pages I have written about each vehicle that aren't included in the log. These could be instructions for installing something, details about modifications, or full stories about track days or trips. I also include some external links on the Sub-Pages.

If there are any questions or any recommendations for content to add, feel free to email me.

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